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   Kneeling in front of a Man while your tongue travels the length of a hard shaft full of the promise to feed your hungry mouth a full load you will work hard to make spew. The sensations bring back so many memories when you feel alive and know that you are a good girl. The smell of the Man whose hands draw your face closer, hearing, “kiss My Dick, slut. Make Me feel good and I’ll give you a reward”. A hand of power giving you what you want more than when you feel her hand on your head making you feast in her wet pussy. A white girl licks pussy well but a clit is never big enough, its not the same source of pure release a cock-sucker need. 

   Using your lips to make love and drink down the hard shaft offered for you to service. The feel of Man makes your mouth stretch and take more in because you feel so sexy on bended knees while you begin to hear the Man’s breathing deepen and you know that you are a good girl. Using your lips to make the Man feel good because its what you were born to do. Sucking Dick is the act, making love to full balls which hold your next meal is the way a cock-sucking cum hungry girl serves a Man they need to be pleased. The way the scent of Man fills your lungs when you breathe deep and swallow as much Dick as your throat can handle until you have to pull back and exhale as your hot breath caresses a hard shaft wet with your spit. Turning your head from side to side trying to taste each inch of the most delicious thing your mouth can indulge in until your head goes full force up and down making the balls brew a load for such a very good cock-sucking girl.

   Soft hands stoke the shaft in rhythm to the up beat of your mouth. They fondle Dick feeling every inch, touching the veins and knowing the way Dick shudders when you make it feel good, when your tongue flicks the right way, when your mouth gives the right amount of suction to make the balls quiver and begin the river of food your belly needs more than pussy juice, more than anything else you can stuff inside and make erupt. Hands made for meat to help you found your way back to being the most wanted girl around, the kind of girl a Man talks about then feeds like a whore. Hands that hold the shaft and try very hard to explain with words unspoken, how good it feels just to be the girl who gets the chance to please and pleasure such magnificent Dick.

   Are you the kind of bitch that will suck anything? I hope not, a devoted cock-sucker should be picky, just as I am picky about who gets a chance to savor all the Dick I offer their hungry mouth.

   Everything else goes away while your mouth envelops and makes warm the shaft of Man. A Man whose rigid member stuffs your wanton mouth and makes your that open more to take it all in. The feeling of pure sexual bliss and you work hard to give pleasure. Work hard to take in the first shudders of a fresh load of baby making seed come closer and you taste the very first swim of sperm rushing to your very skilled mouth. That’s when you know you are a very good girl and within seconds, your hard work will find release, reward, and reflection as with each swallow you remember the very first time you did this.

   There is now way you can explain this to your hubby. But he knows, he also learned long ago to please the same flesh he has as his friends from long ago taught him well. Thinking he licks your cum filled pussy for your pleasure makes you a fool for he has memories to relive as well.

   When the full load is pumping hard down your closed mouth and you don’t care about berating until its all swallowed, that’s when you know you have a purpose, that what they said about you before is true, you are a cock-sucking, cum loving, seed harvesting little bitch. But you don’t care, do you. It fills you with pride because you can do a better job than your cunt licking girlfriend.

   A Man is mature, full of power and never has a problem getting hard for a set of pretty lips driven to make it flood. A Black Dick is the best way a white girl can find bliss on its knees. If you’re sucking less than 10 inches then you’re just practicing until you get a real Man. Kneeling for a boy never makes you feel that special glow, kneeling for a Man old enough to be your father’s boss is what you crave most of all. 

   Hungry? Did I make your nipples push your bra cups out? 

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